14 March 2019

Be Free Product of the Year 2019 in the car services category


A representative panel of 12,000 people voted and the Leasys rental formula came out top


Be Free, the simple, inexpensive rental formula for enjoying mobility without any car management worries from the Leasys galaxy, was elected Product of the Year 2019* in the car services category, during the awards ceremony held last night in Milan.


"Product of the Year" is the award based on the biggest Innovation survey conducted in Italy in terms of number of consumers interviewed: more than 12,000 people are involved in electing the best products of the year in various categories. It is an on-line survey performed by IRI on a statistically representative sample of Internet users, who reflect the demographics of the Italian population. It enables companies to find out what their consumers are thinking, and helps them to respond more and more closely to their needs.


Be Free's chief characteristics are flexibility, the absence of down payments and a fixed monthly charge that covers the main service, mobility information and insurance services, making the product one of the best alternatives to vehicle ownership for every type of target.


"We've always listened carefully to our consumers' opinions," commented Leasys CEO Alberto Grippo, "and this award confirms our ability to adapt to our customers' continually evolving needs. In fact, the underlying aim of Be Free is to maximise the accessibility of our rental product, and it responds to the growing demand for "peace of mind" amongst private users, who are constantly becoming better informed and making more reasoned choices.".


Of the over 12,000 contracts signed since the product was launched, the majority of rentals are in the expanded Be Free Plus version, which includes greater safeguards, an all-inclusive package which relieves the customer of all burdens and adds even more freedom, thanks to the servicing and repair service and theft, fire and damage repair cover.


Interest in the product is still strong, and at present there are an average of over 500 quote requests per month, with over 290,000 viewings of the relative page on the leasys.it site since the product's launch.


The Be Free product has also generated strong interest in France, Spain and Belgium, where it was launched last year.


*PdA©/IRI 01/2019 survey of 12,000 Italian consumers, on a selection of products sold in Italy. Prodottodellanno.it cat. BE FREE Car Services elected 2019 product of the year for innovation.


Leasys  - A leading player in the long-term car rental market and automotive services in Italy, Leasys SpA was founded in September 2001 and is wholly owned by the FCA Bank Group, an equally-held joint venture of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Crédit Agricole. Leasys operates a fleet of approximately 250,000 vehicles (of which one-third made up of commercial vehicles) in the European countries where it operates (cars, commercial vehicles and converted vehicles of all brands, but mostly FCA brands), serving large companies, small and medium enterprises, government entities, professionals and individuals. Through Winrent and Clickar, Leasys is also one of the main Italian companies in short-term car rental and online fleet vehicle sales. 


FCA Bank S.p.A. - FCA Bank is a bank engaging mainly in car financing, with the objective of meeting all mobility requirements, including through its Leasys S.p.A. subsidiary. It is an equally-held joint venture of FCA Italy S.p.A., a company of global car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, a company of the Crédit Agricole Group, leader in consumer credit. The company provides financial products to support the sales of prestigious car brands in Italy and in Europe. Loan, lease, rental and mobility financing programmes provided by FCA Bank S.p.A. are specifically designed for the sale networks, for private customers and corporate fleets. FCA Bank S.p.A. has a presence in 17 European countries and in Morocco, directly or through subsidiaries. At 30 June 2018, FCA Bank had a credit portfolio of approximately €26 billion. 



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Turin, 14 March 2019




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