21 February 2019

FCA Bank unveils new credit card


"Set no limits on your desires" is the theme for a highly innovative and totally digitalized credit product 


FCA Bank continues along its path of growth and diversification by launching a highly innovative and 100% digitalized credit card in Italy. Following the success of Conto Deposito, which is widely recognized as one of the most competitive and flexible online saving products in Italy, FCA Bank looks to the future, taking the opportunities made available by digital technologies and further diversifying its offering.
In line with FCA Bank's promise to customers of being "your new digital bank", the new credit card, which operates on the VISA circuit, can be applied for and managed via the internet.
 "Set no limits on your desires" is the theme adopted by the advertising campaign, to underscore the extreme flexibility of this tool, which can be used at any time for any purchase. In fact, FCA Bank allows customers to pay for each purchase any way they want and in a totally secure and autonomous manner, thanks to the multiple functions that make this credit card particularly innovative.
Thanks to the My Budget function, customers can choose whether they want to be charged for the full amount or in instalments.  With the instalment system, customers can change the amount of the monthly payment every day, as many times as they want, until the last day of the month, based on their spending capacity*.
FCA Bank's credit card is secure thanks to the My Control service, which can be used to manage purchases with full peace of mind, by enabling or disabling online purchases, use abroad and cash withdrawals.
Applying for a card is a simple and fast process. All you have to do is to identify yourself online, enter your personal information, and sign digitally.
In addition to being free of charge for the first year, the card allows customers who use it more frequently to increase their benefits. For example, with its activation a customer becomes automatically a member of the FCA Bank Club, the free program that rewards loyalty on the basis of purchases, with exclusive discounts on merchandising products of the FCA Group and many more high-prestige brands. 
With the FCA Bank Club, cardholders can access the Group's innovative mobility services at attractive prices. With the activation of the credit card, the customer is given immediately a €50 discount coupon to be used on the FCA Bank Club portal.
Lastly, FCA Bank's credit card uses contactless technology, so that it is not necessary to enter your PIN for purchases for less than €25.00, and provides protection against frauds, with total refunds in case of unauthorized transactions, as well as free SMS alerts and electronic mailing of online account statements.
For more information: fcabank.it


* By using the My Budget function, the amount of the monthly instalment can be changed repeatedly in a single day - provided that such instalment is between €100 (minimum) and €1,900 (maximum), with increments or decreases of €50 or multiples thereof - until 1:00 p.m. of the last day of the month.


FCA Bank

FCA Bank is a bank engaged mainly in car finance, with the objective of meeting any mobility requirement also through its Leasys subsidiary. It is an equally-held joint venture between FCA Italy, a company of global car manufacturer Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, a company of the Crédit Agricole group, a leader in consumer lending. FCA Bank provides financing products to support the sales of prestigious automotive brands in Italy and in Europe. The credit, leasing, rental and mobility financing programs provided by FCA Bank are designed specifically for dealer networks, individuals and corporate fleets. FCA Bank operates through  subsidiaries and branches in 17 European countries and in Morocco. At 30 June 2018, FCA Bank had a loan and lease portfolio of approximately €26 billion. For more information: www.fcabankgroup.com


Turin, 21 February 2019



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